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The Omaha Philatelic Society is a Non-Profit Organization, which was started in 1926. We have a long history, which is laced with stories about our strong commitment to the community via our programs designed to support education in our community schools via stamps. This is in line with one of our mission objectives, which is to promote the hobby of stamps to kids via education and to make both learning and teaching a fun and collaborative experience between the teacher and the students. As a step towards achieving this goal the Omaha Philatelic Society (OPS) has teamed with the Omaha Public Schools (OPS) to bring the joy of stamp collecting and education together. The OPS team is committed to promoting history and geography via stamps.

Stamps are a great way to learn about our history, geography, culture, animals; you name it; about almost anything. Teachers can make topics interesting to their kids by introducing the topic via stamps. The Omaha Philatelic Society and its members have in the past visited many local area schools and have introduced the joy of collecting stamps to kids in the community, We have also at the request of school teachers given talks about special topics via stamps, these topics vary quite broadly, some of the topics presented in the past are listed below. Here is the OPS Teacher Support Flyer for teachers and educators.

Check out these topics and games -
  US Presidents
  US National Symbols
  State Crossword with a Hidden Message
  Mixed up Commemorative Game
  Complete a story by using a Catalog
  Unscramble Country Name and Hinge appropriate stamp

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2013 Stamp Show Photo

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